Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I'd read around of people using Icom 706s, which apparently transmit a peep on 472KHz, and thought I'd polish the 756 ProIII and see what I could do. No possibility of transmitting - I haven't a NoV, and I suspect I don't have an antenna suitable.So I thought I'd try listening.

No preamp (the Icom Pre-Amp doesn't turn on in this frequency range) but connected it up to the usual LW. The tuner doesn't seem to do very much either, but there was a ripple of activity on the spectrum display

Started up WSPR, and left it for half an hour, and here's the result.

Much better than I expected. The received wisdom was that an external preamp is needed. Well, it would undoubtedly make a difference, but I'm hearing these two guys at about -13dB, so it's "comfortable" (for WSPR).

And a nice way to open playtime with 630metres.

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