Sunday, 2 December 2012

Antennas- properly.

There's an object lesson for you. Do it properly.

I spent an hour this morning re-arranging a long wire antenna - it's now insulated, is not (now) lying on anything, and I connected the other side to an earth stake instead of a flimsy counterpoise ending on the (admittedly metal) washing line post.

The signals I'm seeing on 80m WSPR now are awesome, even though I am still only up about 4m. G8JNJ/A (I assume it was him) came in at +9, and in the last 10 mins of operation I haven't seen a negative dB

TX seems better too - I'm using my usual 500mW, and DK4XI is hearing me.

I'd better re-fettle the "main" LW at M0DEV, methinks. It's got the good earth, but the route runs through trees, in a zig-zag. There must be points where some RF escapes to earth...

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