Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I wish...

This was not bidirectional. I heard him. He didn't hear me.
Nuuk and Greenland would be utterly great for me. But that's the frustration of WSPR - it's amazing to see what you can pick up using simple wire antennas (in my case, frozen to a height of 2m) but these aren't QSOs. I'm using 500mW, and he hasn't spotted me. Sometimes, they aren't *really* QSOs - but in this case it's nowhere near. He hasn't heard me. But there's still a draw here. I've spend the last hour footling around on 160m and have managed a DL. I get far more buzz from hearing an XP...

This particular screenshot is 80m.

The other WSPR frustration is that I have no really neat way of logging this.

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