Friday, 14 December 2012

Using WSPR

I thought I'd try using WSPR to work out where to expend my loggable efforts this morning (the WX being fit for nothing else)

Five minutes on WSPRnet maps followed by a quick hour on 40m WSPR convinced me that 40m was a band worth trying. Here is the result of an hour or so this morning, on the 817 at 1W to a LW:

So, I get the better rig out, power about 20W, tune to 7.039MHz (I looked it up on - I don't often try 40m JT65) and set up a JT65 CQ. Twenty minutes later, I have heard absolutely nothing. Eventually, I fetch up the PSKReporter map and discover three monitors on 40m, but they are all on 7.076MHz.

My bandplan says 7.076 is all modes but excludes digimodes.


Anyway, I migrate up to 7.076 and, of course, it's knee deep in SSB. I've got one decode, but I can't see anything clear to TX into.

40m is a mess!

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