Thursday, 8 November 2012

LoTW down?

I suppose it's a slight exaggeration to say I "use" the ARRL Logbook of the World. I upload stuff to it because lots of people use it for awards, and there's no point in being selective because I don't like it or make any use of it. I noticed the other day that HRD had stopped saying "finished" at the end of an upload, so I totle off to the LoTW pages, and find
LoTW Off Line

The ARRL Logbook of the World Server is temporarily off-line. Service will be restored as soon as possible.

2012-11-06 1355Z: Logbook team is investigating the issue.

where the login should be.
It's been like this for two days now, and I can't find anything else to give me any more details.
I could understand the RB servers being down (one man show) - but this is ARRL, one of the biggest ham groups in the world.

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