Thursday, 15 November 2012


Tim, G4VXE, and I had a short session this afternoon with JT65 on 2m, using the JT65-HF program, just because we both had it configured.

We started out on 144.165.000 using 10W each, into a collinear at each end. My collinear, just so you get the picture, is screwed to a shed wall. I can touch the bottom of it. The copy was, by HF standards, astoundingly easy - we exchanged -05 (him at my end) and -09. Tim dropped to 1W, and I still had very easy copy at this end, well above the noise floor.

A back of an envelope calculation suggested that we'd hit -24dB at 150mW. This is over 140 km, with "poor" aerials. I can't get that low with any of my kit - pout!

There is a lot of mileage to JT65 and its siblings on VHF. I'd like to try this on 23cm

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