Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Bear Garden: 20m JT65

I've continued to play with QRP on digital modes, and elected to try 20 metres JT65 this morning, whilst it was fairly quiet. Bear in mind this is QRP not qrp - I am using a piece of wire draped over a drainpipe, not low power to a beam antenna

Here's the picture after fifteen minutes of operating at 2.5W on the 817 - so about 2W, by the time it reaches the drainpipe.

- which is encouraging!

My 2.5W has made it to North and South America, Japan and most of Europe.

Completing a QSO was a little more involved - there was a QRO RTTY station right in the middle of the range of 14.076. I remembered that my 817 has a Collins filter for CW in which, fortuitously, works in DIG mode and, fortuitously, is almost exactly the right width for a JT65 signal to fit in it. Pop the NAR button, TX, and RU3VQ, just under 3000km away, completed with me. That, because of domestic issues, is the end of this morning's experiment.

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