Thursday, 15 November 2012


During that interlude of "poor" propagation yesterday I decided to have a go at setting WSPR up on 2m.

The tricky bit was finding the agreed frequency. After a bit of searching, 144.489.000 seemed to be the agreed one (WSPR itself told me a dial of 144.488.000....)

Set it up and left it, and was very pleased to see G4VXE pop up, both ways

The intriguing thing here is that if you look at his screenshot of the same QSO here, you'll see that I am at the top of his passband, whereas Tim is at the bottom of mine. Somewhere or other, there's a discrepancy of around 100Hz (I was TXing around 500). I suppose that's not too bad for uncalibrated rigs at VHF, but it is a bit disconcerting. Mine is an almost new TS-2000. Wonder what Tim was using?

I will certainly be on 144.489 dial using WSPR again. Will you join me?

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  1. I shall join you! :-) Conditions permitting, that is.

    I noticed the same difference of frequencies on 2 meters with a local amateur here. He had to compensate (tune) to get in my receiving window.

    I think the higher the frequency, the more deviation. In percents it is about the same, but in Hz it will be more the higher you get.

    Wilbert, PD7N