Thursday, 29 November 2012

The 9:1 Un-un, and the Long Wire

I have just had a quick play with the antenna setup for my 817 WSPR rig. It has been running via the Elecraft T1, to a BNC bindingpost, with the LW and the earth connected directly to it. The T1 doesn't tune up perfectly on 80m (or 160).

I've run the 817/T1/Un-un in parallel with a TS2000, connected to another LW, run through an SGC Mac-200 tuner, which specifically copes with random wire antennas very well. I've had it for years.

I am running two copies of WSPR. One connected to the 817, one to the TS-2000, both through identical SignalLink interfaces, on the same PC. The windows are side by side. Both are set RX only for this test. One of them is uploading

Both rigs on 3.592.600, both RX. The 817 (without the Un-un) is consistently level or 1 dB down on the TS-2000. They hear practically identically (even though the TS-2000 has the preamp switched in). With the un-un on the 817, between the T1 and the wire, the antenna tunes nicely, but I am 7-8dB down from the RX on the TS-2000


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