Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pushing WSPR

I'm sitting on 40 metres tonight. It's been a good afternoon - I have had a 2-way with VK7BO in Hobart, Tasmania, and several 2-ways across to the States. But the band has done its usual metamorphosis as the sun sets, and I am now looking at a solitary U-shaped plot.

His frequency is varying.There are three on the plot. The first looks like an abort. The second curls up at the end, and the third is much more U-shaped. All three are quite strong. It looks as if the power could be decreased to help with the frequency stability. WSPR is an incredibly low power mode - it will decode very weak signals. But they do need to be stable, with next to no drift.

But, all said, I am pleased with 40m/5W/LW tonight:

And even 80m has one or two interesting facets:

A real QSO with 5Z4/VK1UN would be rather tasty. That plot isn't as good as it seems. I heard him, he didn't hear me.

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