Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Strange 80m WSPR

Spotted on 80m this afternoon:

1714 -20 4.3 3.594105 -1 R56ZDJ HQ72 23

HQ72 is east side of Greenland.
He's using 250mW. And I'm the only person to hear him. 2400km away.

Pirate? Russian vessel?

Later. Another phantom:

0316 -19 2.8 3.594102 0 JM9BQV OC99 7

That's in the Southern Oceans, and 7 equates to 5mW :-) WSPR is error correcting. I haven't looked at the code, but I would imagine the probability of an error is virtually zero. And I get two in an afternoon?

The only feasible explanation I can think of is if someone fairly local is constructing a WSPR beacon and hasn't got the data right? But two? and at 03:16 in the morning?

Very odd.

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